The Marvelous Island

Skiáthos, the most cosmopolitan island in the Northern Sporades, is truly a paradise on earth, with lush pine forests and crystal-clear azure waters. Despite the rapid growth in tourism here in recent decades, it the island is still picturesque and unspoilt and blessed with more than 60 beautifully clean beaches. The most famous is Koukounariés, which has been declared the third most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean. When you add in its bustling nightlife, it is only natural that the island attracts thousands of young visitors every year!

The Glorious Beaches

The island has 60 superb beaches, among which Koukounariés or Golden Sand in the southwestern part of the island stands out. Koukounariés beach is also famous for its lush pine forest- whose needles “touch” the water offering unique natural shade- and Strofiliá, a rare wetland nestling amidst the pine forest, which has been declared a protected area due to its enormous ecological value. Among the accommodation options there is a campsite, popular with young people, at Koukounariés. There are also plenty of tavernas and lively cafes and bars. If you like, you can also rent a boat, play tennis at one of the local hotels’ tennis courts or try out some exhilarating sea activities! Meyáli Ámmos, on the road to Koukounaries and Ahladiés, is a popular beach with crystal clear waters and picture-perfect tavernas by the sea.

Top 5 things to do in Skiathos island

Swim in Koukounaries

One of the top 5 things to do in Skiathos island is enjoying a refreshing swim in Koukounaries. Set in front of a dense pine tree forest, an amazing biotope area, the long beach of Koukounaries distinguishes for its soft golden/white sand and crystalline waters. There are a lot of facilities and water sports available, as this is a well-organized beach, located on the south western part of the island.

Take the boat trip to Lalaria

Don’t miss the boat trip to Lalaria beach, an exotic white cove at the north-eastern part of the island. Lalaria beach is sandy and is only accessible by boat from Skiathos town. The scenery in Lalaria is extraordinary with huge white rock formations and underwater passages.The same boat tour also goes to the ruins of the impressive Medieval Castle of Skiathos. In the medieval castle there are remnants of old churches and walls, built on a rocky hill, offering spectacular views to the deep blue sea.

Enjoy a drink in Skiathos Town

For an amazing evening or night out head to Skiathos town, the cultural centre of the island. In town, there is a great variety of accommodation options, from studios to Skiathos bungalows, with easy access to the main entertainment venues.There are two places in town, where you can enjoy an evening drink, have fun with friends or have a romantic date. Several chic cafes, atmospheric bars and lively night clubs are found by the harbour front with amazing sea views and others are located in the centre of the old town, around the famous Papadiamantis street.

Have lunch in seaside taverns

A trip to Skiathos is not complete without a visit to at least one of the traditional seaside taverns. Situated right on the waterfront, the taverns in Skiathos are a great place to have lunch, due to their uplifting atmosphere and fresh products. Try traditionally cooked meals, like mousaka, or fresh grilled fish, while sipping a glass of local wine.

Hike in the countryside

Among the top 5 things to do in Skiathos island is also hiking. The countryside of Skiathos is full of greenery and pine tree forests, creating the perfect conditions for trekking and hiking. In fact, Skiathos is the only island in the northern Aegean with many excellently-organized, well-marked hiking trails of all levels and difficulties.Passing through areas of extraordinary beauty, there are hiking paths from one beach to the other and many starting from Skiathos town and reaching nice monasteries, built on hilltops.

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